You are still left with a good Samaritan.

Will it be you? Wandering on how to come back on your feet to be fulfilled, there's still someone out there waiting for you. You are not going to die yet nor be forsaken or be abandoned because God has reserved someone to lift you up again and again to fulfill destiny. How do I …

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Winner or Loser?

What's your choice? There are so many reasons I enjoying watching WRESTLING. It teaches endurance, dedication, strategy, focus, and lots more. In life, there are many tantrums to be thrown at you to make you a "loser" in a way. The question is, "are you going to accept being a loser or strive to be …

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Sip it down. In dwelling, live close to the ground.In thinking, keep to the simple.In conflict, be fair and generous.In governing, don't try to control.In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present. Happy weekend. MidasTouch'sNugget


Are you a virtuous or sorrowful wife to your husband? The Marriage Ministry (Copied)JOKE, BUT FULL OF MESSAGES!!! So my husband was making a joke yesterday evening during dinner… He said:"When Adam's wife offered him the fruit and he collected, God didn't interfere, He didn't jump in saying: “stop Adam, don't eat…”And when Abraham's wife …

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